I am going to take the CPE exam quite soon, and I am really worried about the writing part. I would greatly appreciate if somebody could read the following essay (it is a review for Part 2, the task was to write a review of a book for a college newspaper and say if you think its film version will be as good as the book itself) and tell me wether it seems enough to get Band 4. Also, what improvments should I make to the text?

Many thanks in advance!

A great challenge for film makers

If there is one autobiography as thrilling as the Sherlock Holmes stories, yet at the same time as emotionally involving as Francoise Sagan's novels, it is certainly Marina Tsvetaeva's series of short stories about her childhood.

The story begins in early XX century Russia. With the plot unfolding we follow not only the life of a young girl, but also the events of the Russian Revolution and the havoc it wreaks on everything. The narration goes in the first person singular, which effectively reduces the distance between the reader and the writer. You become so involved that your heart hammers every time Marina finds herself in a tricky situation and sways with delight when she finally makes her narrow escape.

Despite the excellence of the book itself, I highly doubt that the film based on it will be successful. Most of the story's charm lies in the extraordinarily imaginative language that Tsvetayea uses. At times you can't even tell if what is written is still prose or already poetry. What is more, the heroes are generally characterised by their appearance, and I think it will be a daunting task for the producers to find actors who fit the descriptions. Finally, there are episodes in the book as bizarre as the one where a cat tells Marina that Kiev was taken by the red army. The moment is absolutely surreal, and it will be a great challenge to convey the seriousness of the scene that has all the potential for being hilarious.

However, even more challenging stories have been made into great films, so I am definitely going to go to the cinema when the movie is released. I just hope that the producers will get inspired and overcome all the difficulties I've listed.