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Thread: cheat/cheat on

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    cheat/cheat on

    Hello everyone,

    Do I understand these two sentences correctly?

    1. "He was cheated by his wife." (she had an affair with someone else) Do I need "on" after "cheated" in this sentence?

    2. "He was cheated by the waiter." (he was ripped off)

    3. "Have you ever been cheated on?" (have you ever been betrayed by your partner)

    4. "Have you ever been cheated?" (have you ever been ripped off, fooled, etc.)

    Thank you.

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    Re: cheat/cheat on

    The "cheated on" is required to express infidelity. If you said "my wife cheated me" you might think she lied about money or something like that. "My wife cheated on me" means she was unfaithful sexually.

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