I am applying for a PhD position in Chemistry and my motivation letter need to be checked. Thank you

Dear Mr.,
I am an undergraduate student and as my CV indicates in June of this year I expect to receive B. Sc. degree in Chemistry and in 2015 M. Sc. degree. In future, I see myself only as a researcher, so after graduation I want to continue my education as a PhD student. On my part your projects devoted to synthesis of new small molecule modulators and synthetic approach to synthesis of privileged scaffolds are interesting for me. I really hope to apply my practical skills and knowledge of organic chemistry in this area. Personal information below will convince you that I correspond all requirements to apply. As for me chemistry started through participation in the Pupil Chemical Olympiads. I am quite succeeded in it and I took a prize three in a row at the All-Ukrainian level thanks to my persistence, ambitiousness and love of chemistry. I decided to study chemistry and entered V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University – one of the top ranked universities in Ukraine. Throughout studying I maintained a high level of academic achievements. Organic, bioorganic chemistry and heterocyclic chemistry were the most interesting for me out of all subjects. The most fascinating in chemistry is how relatively small molecules influence the living organisms, especially the possibility of chemotherapy of such dangerous and deadly diseases as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s syndrome, AIDS, hepatitis, and many others. Joining to Boris V. Paponov`s research group, where I have been developing potential anticancer drugs, was the consequence of this interest. The aim of my work is synthesis of potential inhibitors of CDK, GSK3 and tyrosine kinase based on 2-oxindole scaffold. Working in a lab I gained good experimental skills and am familiar with microwave and ultrasonic synthesis. I am a co-author of the theses for Conference on Heterocycles in Bio-organic Chemistry and took part in the Ukrainian Competition of Scientific Works and Student Scientific Conference with oral presentation. Work in the lab indulges me and this amplifies my desire to work as the researcher. As for personal traits, I would like to note good ability for team work, organizational, communicative and leadership skills which were got through the captaincy of amateur roller hockey team and are of great value to any team project.
From work in your group I expect to realize my knowledge into significant scientific training which will be a reliable base for my future in science. I am also eager to learn new multi/interdisciplinary techniques and become really good expert in chemistry. I hope that above experiences, knowledge and skills make me convenient for filling a PhD position at your group. I am looking forward to receiving your reply.