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    Daunting Task

    Hello fellow teachers,

    I have been put in charge of putting together a powerpoint presentation to sell the idea to culinary schools that are already in good standing with the company I am about to work for. T
    he thing is, I need to bring the students level of english from basic inter using culinary terms. Its a work exchange and intership program. my question is....HOW??? The owner want this accomplished with 10-12 hours in the classroom. 1 hour sessions 3 times a week. Sorry for my bad grammar----just kind of lost here.

    Any ideas? Can this be done?

    Thank you in advance for any info you may have!

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    Re: Daunting Task

    You say you are an English teacher, floatwithme. Please set an example to students using this site by editing your post using correct capitalisation, punctuation etcetera.

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