Most of the schools are planning to replace sports and exercise classes with more academic sessions. What is your opinion on this change? How does this change will affect children’s life in your view?
Nowadays our everyday life is becoming more sedentary because of the vide availability of technological conveniences. Therefore it is essential to practice more sports, particularly in young age. As children spent most of their time in schools, it is completely unreasonable to substitute exercise activities with academic ones, as such big variety of academic classes could be harmful for their psychological health.
Firstly, children today are under a lot of pressure. For example, they have to study hard in order to accomplish their goals while they also have to face plenty of disturbing factors, such as computer games, internet, social networks. This way of life completely exclude any exercising activities, which is essential for children in such impressionable age. Therefore it would appear that it is vital to preserve sports classes in their curriculum in order to keep them in favorable physical conditions.
Secondly, children nowadays are overwhelmed with information. There a wide range of different academic sessions and, it is my belief, that there is no need to introduce new ones. It could simply make them confused or even cause different types of psychological disorders. For instance, psychologists claim, that too much sustained class work could decrease children’s attention, concentration and analytic abilities during lessons.

To conclude, I am strongly at the opinion that children should continue practicing a lot of sports and exercise activities in their schools in order to be healthy, energetic and attentive during their academic sessions.