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    Re: lachanophobia


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    Re: lachanophobia

    Quote Originally Posted by light
    so you say it is /h/ not /k/. but there again, in arachnophobia it is /k/. so I thought the same rule applies in lachanophobia.
    In English, the Greek sound represented by "ch" is pronounced /k/. That is not the original Greek pronounciation, it's just pronounced that way by English speakers because it's the closest you can get to the original sound. In fact, many English people pronounce "loch" the same as "lock". Scottish humourist Frank Muir once explained that the Scottish word "loch" is pronounced like "lock" but with a noisy throat-clearing sound at the end. He went on to say that there is a lot of throat-clearing when pronouncing Scottish words.

    The same sound, though, might be represented in Turkish as "h". The Turkish "h", as far as I know, is much more gutteral than the English "h", and so is a bit closer to the Greek sound it represents.

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    Re: lachanophobia

    thank you rewboss. by the way the /h/ sound in istanbul turkish is not guttural,at all. when I say 'hayır'(no) it is quite similar to the pronunciation of 'higher'. however, if you go to the south east, the sound becomes really guttural. as for scottish, I think the sound of the language is as beautiful as its scenery. and jim diamond is the best

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