What are some of the experiences that have shaped your outlook and the way you live now?
My mother used to tell me some real stories about peoples way of life, how some people created their fate by taking a foolish steps in their life pace and while some others contributed to their bright future by simply being honest and not harming someone else, neither physically, nor morally. In this essay I am going to examine the way I am brought up by my mother and the way I live now, in other words, how the experiences got in childhood reflect in the path of life I have chosen now.

To start with, let me digress from a main point and claim that my mother is someone who contributed to the personal qualities that I have developed for now and for which I feel myself being outstanding from society due to having some traits that the majority of mankind neglects to have. To be more specific, from the very childhood mom used to talk with me as a mature person and tried to develop my outlook towards the world in a best way. Namely, she was constantly outlining for me some contrasts between bad and good, between a devil person and a kind person and moreover, her hard attempts to make me distinguish those two ones from each other effectively finally got paid off.

To be frank, these past experience has determined my personal character from my childhood, since I really started controlling my steps and my habits, like following the advices of god and not ever even daring to say a word without asking myself: "are these words going to someone, even occasionally?", or "does this step sound appealing for God? Is not it really going to offend him?". Therefore, my inner nature formed in this way. Moreover, this issue is broadly discussed by my relatives even nowadays, about how my mother managed to bring up a baby in that way.

To illustrate this point further, one of the strategies, if I can call it so, that my mother employed for shaping my outlook towards the entire world repesents the vivid examples and examples of someone's experiences. To restate, I can recall one of the examples that she demonstrated to me when I was around four years old, it was an example of my relative who, as a child, used to laugh at others and make a comics out of them. Mom told me that she was constantly arguing with my relative not to behave in that way, however that girl was a very rude and kept doing the same things. Consequently, as she got adult now, she experiences the same trouble, due to some personal problems, that the people, whom she was laughing at, were experiencing.

To my mind, this example perfectly advocates one of the Georgian folk proverb that implies - don't laugh at others, otherwise all of these will inevitably happen to you one day. Hence, according to such examples and real life experiences I learn how to behave in order to contribute to wellness and happiness of my future life.

By way of conclusion, based on the illustrations and the arguments explored above, I am of the opinion that the most considerable experience that shaped my outlook and the way I use to live now is the discussions with my mother in my childhood and the way she enhanced me to clearly see a difference between wrong and right.