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Thread: A Roadshow

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    A Roadshow

    "Politics is often a symbolic domain, where the grammar of a world and its historic logic are played out for a nation to watch."
    Q) what does Grammar of a world mean?
    Q) what goes its historical logic mean?
    Q) why is played out used?

    " There is a loose tokenism about the Congress with the Gandhis confusing family and nation."
    Q)What does loose tokenism refer to?
    Q) Here I am confused about two meanings that can be derived from the sentence above 1) the loose tokenism of the Congress includes the Gandhis confusing family and nation or 2) the loose tokenism of Congress is due to Gandhis confusing family and nation

    "Narendra Modiís is the third part of this symbolic triangle. The nomination had to be a memorable ritual, more evocative of a yajna in the old sense of the term; a statement of power which had to be a discourse on history."
    Q)Someone please explain me the meaning of " a statement of power which had to be a discourse on history."?(especially had to be a discourse on history. because the dictionary meaning of discourse does not apply here)

    "From Malaviya to Patel, as the next statue, was immaculate strategy. Both were great Congressmen and Mr. Modi had swiftly, subtly appropriated both for the BJP, almost hinting that the best possibilities of the Great Indian Congress lay through the BJP."
    Q)What is the meaning of lay through?

    "The tragedy lies in the ifs and buts of politics and history."
    Q)Please explain the context in which the journalist is talking?

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    Re: A Roadshow

    What does "a roadshow" have to do with anything? You must select thread titles that are relevant to the question you are asking.

    Also, only ask one question per thread.

    Grammar has a definition (#6 under "World English Dictionary") meaning "the elementaryprinciplesofascienceor art."

    The grammar of a world would be its elementary principles.


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