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    the meaning of dealer and banker?

    Hi there

    I've read a sentence lie this:"If you go to a blackjack table and you're dealt a sixteen and the bank has a ten, the dealer has one card yet to be revealed. Your chances of succeeding are extremely low."

    I thought "the bank" in this sentence mean "the banker".
    But isn't "the banker" means the same as "the dealer"?
    In this sentence it looks like the banker and the dealer are two different person.
    Can anyone tell me the meaning of "the banker" and "the dealer" in this sentence?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: the meaning of dealer and banker?

    In blackjack, 'the bank', 'the banker' and 'the dealer' are one and the same person.

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    Re: the meaning of dealer and banker?

    It's not "the banker" but "the bank." These are the cards that the "house" is playing.

    The dealer deals out cards to each player in the game, and one set of cards for the house/bank. The dealer plays the house's cards and must abide by rules on how to play (hit on 16, stand on 17 usually). Players bet their hands against the bank, not against one another.

    Basically, the "house" or "bank" is the dealer in this scenario.

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