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    caught in a downward spiral?

    what does the underlined parts mean?
    1.Fear of not sleeping and the consequences of lack of sleep can lead to stress and desair, which then cause insomnia. you are caught in a downward spiral and you have to break the cycle.

    2.although drugs are often the first thing patients reach for when they can't sleep, they have a bad track record when it comes to a long-term results.

    3.But people often underestimates the amount of sleep they get, simply because the minutes spent awake, trying to get to sleep, appear t go slowly.( especailly, in the sentence after below which one is the subject? the minutes... or trying to get to sleep?)

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    Re: caught in a downward spiral?

    One bad thing makes another bad thing worse, which feeds the cycle.
    Recorded history
    The minutes

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