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The unabated technological advances in the field of science have opened up growth opportunities in newer dimensions. Biotechnology is the field of future that is beneficial to the individual as well as the society. I want to be an element of innovation in this field, which is creating a better tomorrow for everyone. To do this, I need to arm myself with requisite knowledge which a graduate program can furnish.

Since my childhood I have been a keen observer and am well known for probing new avenues, always enthusiastic and ready with a chain of questions. Having been brought up in a strong and secure family, I have been blessed to have mother who instilled me with good values and principles. Education was always given first priority and there was no compromise for it. My mothers’ support motivated me to reach my goals. When my school teachers noticed my inclination towards science, I was always encouraged by my mother to participate in all science exhibitions and quizzes.

Right from my school days, I always enjoy studying biology. It is the science of life. Unlike physics, biology does not usually describe systems in terms of objects, which obey immutable physical laws described by mathematics. Nevertheless, the biological sciences are characterised and unified by several major underlying principles and concepts.

During my undergraduate studies, ‘Molecular Biology’ and ‘Environmental Science’ evoked my keen interest. I found the techniques involved in Molecular Biology including Recombinant Technology fascinating. Other than the theory papers, my undergraduate program had good lab programs which acted as a catalyst to my desire of assimilating to the maximum from the coursework. I have an avid curiosity for delving deep into these subjects.

I have been an active participant in extracurricular activities held in my college and others. From regularly participating in many different dance programs, and other cultural activities.

I have been a good reader of books and magazines from a very young age, perhaps this made me inquisitive about everything I came across yearning to know its intricacies. This interest of acquiring knowledge also helped me share and exchange my knowledge in many ways. This motivated me to do my final year project on ‘Synthesis of heavy metal nanoparticles through biotechnological approaches for environmental applications’ under Dr. Sekaran, G., Chief Scientist and Head, Environmental Technology Division, Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI), Adyar, Chennai, India. During this project I learned the advance microbiological techniques such as screening, isolation of marine bacteria, DNA extraction; molecular techniques such as SDS-PAGE, quantification of DNA; extraction of protein by dialysis; handling of instruments like UV-visible spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectroscopy; and sample preparation for instrumental analysis: Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.

My ultimate aim is to utilise the knowledge and training which I receive through my Masters degree to work in the biotech industry where I will look to hone and perfect my practical skills. I hope, in the future, to create an effectual technology which will add value to human life. To realise these dreams I need to broaden my horizons, receive both training and guidance. I believe that I will receive this through a graduate degree.

I feel that the knowledge I have gained is little and there is much more to learn and relearn. So with the knowledge I posses and desire to learn more, along with my leadership abilities, make graduate study a natural choice for me. My determination to succeed and do well will enable me to be among the better students of your college. I am sure that a study in your university will definitely widen the horizons of my knowledge and help me attain a milestone in my career. I hope that this statement of purpose will merit me a place in your institution.