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    (the) word is/gets out
    a piece of news is known, especially if it was secret or if it will cause changes
    • The word is out that superstar Candice is to marry towards the end of this year.
    Cambridge dictionary

    Why is there no article before "superstar"?
    Thank you.

    (sorry, didn't complete the name of the thread)

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    Re: (the)

    I am not a teacher.

    It is not unusual, especially in journalism, for the article to be dropped when the adjective can be considered to form part of the name or title of the person.

    Last week gold medal winner XXX...

    World champion YYY declared...

    Today President ZZZ announced...

    Outside of journalism or the entertainment industry the article can be used to dispel doubt, but is there another Candice who is not a superstar that might be the subject of 'the word' that is out?

    I think in the example sentence it is assumed that everyone knows who we're talking about.

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    Re: (the)

    If the person mentioned is famous enough to be recognized without further definition, the article is not needed.

    Superstar Michael Jackson was laid to rest.
    Superstar Bruce Springsteen showed up at the event.


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