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    Is this an example of embedding: "I am so helpless that I feel numbed"? I read in a book that embedding is the inclusion of a linguistic unit in another linguistic unit & it is often when the phrase/clause has been rankshifted so that it forms part of an element in the superordinate clause, but I can't tell if the sentence quoted above is an example of embedding or not. Can you help me? According to the Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar, the examples below show embedding:

    'The news that Cassandra announced was not encouraging'
    'That she was gloomy was characteristic'
    'They did not believe that they were doomed'
    'She was gloomier than she normally was'
    But I can't tell the difference between these examples & the one I've quoted above. Is there a difference between parenthesis and embedding? Thanks

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    Re: Embedding

    Welcome, thisisme.

    Sentences that contain an embedded sentence are fairly easy to spot because they house more than one lexical verb. When that occurs, there is a main clause (or sentence) and one or more subordinate clauses (or embedded sentences). I've underlined the embedded clauses for you:

    [1] The news that Cassandra announced was not encouraging.
    => Two verbs, announced and was

    [2] That she was gloomy was characteristic.
    => Two verbs, "was" and "was".

    [3] They did not believe that they were doomed.
    => Two verbs, "believe" and "were"

    [4] She was gloomier than she normally was.
    => Two verbs, "was" and was"

    [5] I am so helpless that I feel numb(ed).
    => Two verbs, "am", "feel".

    Hope that helps.


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