Hello Everyone. I am Zinia and I am applying for Canadian study permit. They asked me to write a "Study Plan" of mine. I have wrote it, but not sure is there any grammar error or not? Please someone correct my essay if any mistake found. Thank you.

I have been accepted in the Mixed UTP Stage II in Business program at International College of Manitoba which will ultimately lead to a Bachelor degree that is Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) after one year in University of Manitoba. I have obtained entire educational background in business & commerce which includes Secondary School Certificate and Higher School Certificate in Business Studies. I was studying American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) in Business at Taylor’s University, Malaysia. I have finished my post-secondary degree which was 2 years on May, 2014.
Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality controls mean that I will be earning high-quality educations that will open doors for my future and benefit career over the long term. A Canadian world class degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized. The reason behind considering this program is to earn a world class degree to secure my future. In Addition, The degree will boost my knowledge and I will gain clear understanding of all the essential concepts, theories and ideas in Business/ Commerce.
I am particularly interested in furthering my knowledge in Management and Entrepreneurship. Pursuing a Master Degree and a PHD in Management and Entrepreneurship is my complete educational goal. I want to do the bachelor degree to make myself enable to achieve my all goals successfully. As my father has a family business in my country, I want to join my family business and develop it.
I have also been accepted as a student in Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba which is one of the best Business Schools in Canada, having an outstanding global academic reputation and strong ranking in global standards. The reason for wishing to peruse an international degree from University of Manitoba is to get a global outlook and exposure. I learnt about its modern Cooperative Degrees and learning approaches that enable students to gain a great insight on how to put theory into practice. I consider gaining knowledge has no use if we do not apply it in practice. The other reason which is this university offers students a perfect environment to have a balance of their social and academic lives. So, to build up my career strongly and grab more opportunities in future, there is not any better option than this.
Successful completion of an international degree from a renowned university in abroad is more admirable in the local job market. It will definitely create a good and strong career and will enable me to lead a challenging role in a multinational organization such as Standard Chartered, HSBC or British American Tobacco in my own country. In today’s world competition is increasing gradually all over the world. It has become vital for each personnel and professional to educate himself with all the necessary ideas and concepts of the selected field on an international level. Obtaining an international degree in Canada will not only educate me internationally but also provide me the abilities to understand and learn about the global culture. Thus it will enhance my employment opportunities in the local job market in my country.
I have my family and all the relatives in my country and all of them are in the sound positions. I am from Bangladesh which is a Muslim country and I am a Muslim girl. I will have to settle in my country and get married there in future. We have our own family business and got properties too. I will have to join my family business to support it to grow more. Thus I want to serve my country best with my unique knowledge, abilities and skills by creating more business opportunities and providing unique business ideas after completing my education in Canada.