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    First stages of learning english


    I have an array of students who are in their first stages of learning English. Can you help me with a structure of topics I could teach? Is there a syllabus around so that I can follow. Kindly help.

    I am based in the UK.


    Jahid Ahmed

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    Re: First stages of learning english

    Hi Jahid,

    It's hard to give advice without knowing your teaching context, but I recommend starting with a needs analysis. Ask your students what their goals are. What do they need to do in English? For example, greetings, making phone calls, organising accommodation etc. Why are they learning? What (if anything) can they already do? If they are beginners they will need vocabulary and functional language most of all. This will need to be reviewed and recycled constantly within communicative contexts. If you don't have access to a course book (which provides the topics and sequencing), you could choose a topic and then structure your lesson around a particular context. For example, ordering food in a restaurant. First, set the context through pictures, mime, then introduce around 7 target words, then build a dialogue (on the whiteboard), do lots of pronunciation drills and practice in pairs. Then gradually remove the dialogue from the white board and have them perform in pairs. Swap roles and partners a lot.

    Have you done a Google search for English for beginners? You can also go to your local library and browse through beginner coursebooks to see what topics (and vocabulary and grammar) they use.

    Hope this helps,



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