My roommate
One day, I dreamt that my roommate Jacob became a skillful Indianfighter. Thus, a famous director called Zahran told him to act in hismovie, and he will get villa in London. Moreover, he will get tenmillion dollars. So, my roommate accepted that offer without anythinking. Since that day, he did many exercises. Suddenly, Zahran showup – he was drunk –and hit Jacob on his head and shoulder without anyreason. In the hospital , the physician there said " unfortunately,his shoulder is broken and he has wounds in his skin. Even though thehit on his head was strong , nothing happened to his skull. And there isno worry abound the wound I will write prescription for him." Atthat time I woke up and realized that was a dream. Finally, I learned that I must read the " Athkar " before I sleep , soI will not see any horrible dreams.