Hi Guys, I am Sandy from Indonesia.

Please help me correct my letter of motivation. I plan to continue my study to take a master degree in my country, Indonesia. Thanks a bunch!

Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I am registering myself to the graduate program at Sanata Dharma University in order to create a better education for me, personally and people in the future. I dare to take an option to continue my study because I plan to be an English lecturer. Being an English lecturer has become my passion since a long time. Therefore, this is a step to make my passion actualized.

I realize that continuing study is not an easy business to deal with. I have to be ready for facing many challenges which are bigger and more difficult than when I was in bachelor degree. In spite of the fact that I will face the challenges later on, I am sure that I can succeed in my study with all of my passion, existing English Education background, and spirit that I possess.

I really wish to study at this campus as I would like to gain experiences from the lecturers who are teaching and also knowledge by joining this graduate program. Therefore, I am certain that this campus is a right place for me to study, gain some new friends, and also mingle with new environment. If I am accepted to be one of the students in this program, I will work really hard in order to achieve my goal.

In regards to the topic that I would like to propose for my master thesis, I am interested in conducting a research in education field. Therefore, I would like to continue the topic in my bachelor thesis which was about Integrated Skills approach. I am interested in conducting a research on this approach since it is still new and there are some aspects which need to be observed.

I would like to know further about problems faced by the students as my previous thesis only focused on the students’ perception of the approach implemented. Knowing that the perception did not only appear to be positive, but also negative, I believe that there are still things need to be concerned. Hopefully, by conducting the research on the problems, it will create some improvements for future implementation.

Lastly, I am certain that the previous academic career, strong interest and existing knowledge in English Education topics, ambition and eagerness to broaden the knowledge and educate myself further make me a reliable candidate for the master program at Sanata Dharma University.