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    "not in her proper state of mind"


    I remember hearing someone say "She is not in her proper state of mind".
    What exactly does it mean?

    A. She is probably very tired lacking energy and not being able to perform well on some task.
    B. She is mentally abnormal.

    Thank you!

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    Re: "not in her proper state of mind"

    It could be either or both.

    Generally, when someone is not in a proper state of mind, they are confused or not thinking properly. There can be many causes of that. Perhaps she just got into a car accident. Or, she is drunk. Or, she may have experienced an emotional trauma. All of these and more can cause someone to be not in a proper state of mind. Usually, it is not permanent. But some trauma can take a long time to go away. She may be mentally unstable for some time.


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