Nowadays, more and more, there are new technological devices are made for entertainment people. One example from this are computer games. Most of people, mainly young people, are hooked on playing computer games. This is the reason why, some people think computer games arenīt good for people.

There are a lot of arguments for and against playing computer games. On the one hand, some people think computer games are a good choice to waste your free time, because you can have a funny time while you are playing computer games. Also not all kind of computer games show violence. There are some computer games are very useful to learn english or dance.

On the other hand, unfortunately, the most popular computer games are usually violent and addictive. This is a worrying fact, because people, mainly young people, have the same bad behaviour in their daily life. Moreover, people who like playing computer games can become an unsocial people because they waste too much time in this kind of entertainment.

To sum up, I agree computer games can sometimes be bad and addictive for people. Anyway, there are some computer games are very useful and educational to improve our knowledges and train our brain.