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    Usage of "who" in the sentencs.

    1. Can we use Auxiliary verb with "who" in the following sentence?

    # Who doesn't open the door?

    2. I want to know about ( this,these,that,those ).
    "this,these" are used when things are near to us and "that,those" are used
    when things are at some distance (away).If I am wrong please correct.

    1.This is my book.
    2.These are my books.

    1.That is my book.
    2.Those are my books.

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    Re: Usage of "who" in the sentencs.

    Please ask one question per post, otherwise we're going to get muddled up with posts and replies concerning both 'Who' and all those other words.
    I'll answer 1. - the subject in your topic.
    Yes you can use an auxiliary with 'who'. But your sentence doesn't make much sense.

    The following sentences with 'who' and an auxiliary are correct.
    "Who has opened the door?"
    "Who doesn't like ice cream?"
    "Who did this?"

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