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    key word transformation

    Will you help me with these sentances from the Key Word Transformation Test?

    1. Some shops try really hard to help you.

    Effort (3)

    Some shops really hard to______________________to help you.

    My probaply wrong answer: Some shops really hard to spare no effort to help you.

    2. People wear casual clothes where I work.

    Up (4)

    People____________________________where I work.

    My answer: ???

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    Re: key word transformation

    (Not a Teacher)

    1) Your solution looks fine to me, it's just that the sentence is written incorrectly. Omit "really hard to" and the sentence is good: "Some shops spare no effort to help you."

    2) "People don't really dress up where I work." -- There may be other possibilities, but this is the first one that comes to mind. I'm also assuming the number in parentheses refers to the number of words in the answer.

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