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    research paper

    Dear Teachers,
    How do you do, I'm a student , and i need a cosultation concerning my research paper, could you please give me a hand?

    my theme is "Project work in teaching English as a foreign language", I don't know how to begin the practical chapter, can you give me some notes how to introduce the project work which a had been done in school.
    thank you,
    best regards,

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    Re: research paper

    Usually, one starts out with one's hypothesis. What are you attempting to study and what data are you collecting to prove or disprove the hypothesis? Then one moves on to how the data were collected (materials and methods). Then one can comment on what the data were, including statistical analysis if any (results). Then one can discuss the results and the interpretation of them (discussion).

    1. I intend to look into the Theory of Gravity.
    2. I will drop 100 different objects of various sizes, shapes, and weights to see if they fall.
    3. I dropped 100 objects including a feather, a glass, and a rock. They all fell to the ground, albeit at different speeds. Statistical analysis revealed a p value of < 0.01
    4. Unless there was a large attracting force on the other side of the planet at the time of the experiment, the data support the Theory of Gravity.

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