when a country develops its technology ,the traditional skills and ways of life die out .it is pointless to try and keep them alive.

In last decades, human society have experienced a marked development , thereby some cultures , conventional skills and means of lifestyles die out. Whereas, some people are of the opinion that our ancestors skills and lifestyle must be transfer to subsequent generation, I conceive that we have to substitute our lifestyles and skills with new alternative which is made because of the technology advances.

Human society have experienced distinct lifestyles and traditions ,while some of them are alive , celebrated by various countries around world look as though : thanks giving days , lots of cultures and traditional skills are eradicated from universe due to new generations ignorance .Therefore, the people with conservative perspective believe that people have to survive their culture and lifestyle for next generation.They have two fundamental elements for their notion. First, every country around world have specified customs , life means and conventional skills , hence if they import other countries culture and approaches via new technology look as if : internet , televisions and social networks ,they will see a damaging consequence of their policy in not far distant future by increasing social abnormal behavior. secondly,altering traditional skills have adverse impact economic . For instance, these days owing to the technology advances the number of jobs are available for human experience rapid decline , as consequence the number of unemployment generate new phenomenon for governments .

Although , some remarks are granted by this people are reasonable in some cases , I perceive that technology development are ongoing procedure ,thus we must not cease or lessen it ,conversely we just have to channel it into correct way to rectify our life approaches. For instance , people used to live in a poor condition without considering hygienic issues, as result, mortality incidence was very high , but these days , although , the world population reach eight billions people ,the number of people who die every year because of the diseases decrease significantly.Furthermore,owing to new technology we are able to rectify our consumption behavior to manege and maintain our resources for following generation.For instance , many years ago trees were cut to cook meals or heat houses , thus to many forests disappear from earth , while now we utilize other sources instead of wood , so it is really assist to retain jungles .

in conclusion , in resent years , several surveys have been conducted to indicate a great impact of technology advance on our life , thereby now because of technology development we are able to maintain our customs and traditions beside modifying our lifestyle to facilitate it and provide earth better place for human .

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