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    High tech is hijacking high-touch.


    According to Thomas Eriksen of the University of Oslo, author of Tyranny of the Moment, the digital environment favors “fast-time” activities – those that require instant, urgent responses. Such activities tend to take precedence over and shut out “slow-time” activities, such as reflection, play and “courageous (deep) conversations.” The right-now is trumping the timelesshigh tech is hijacking high-touch. And to boot, we are becoming numb and fatigued in the process. Deep down, behind the eyeballs fatigued.

    From the above context, I have two questions:

    1) What exactly "The right-now is trumping the timeless" means. Please advise.

    2) Can I say the "high-touch" here is a close relationship between human being. Like we are losing human touch (or personal interaction) because we are increasingly communicating via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

    Thank you.


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    Re: High tech is hijacking high-touch.

    The first means that people are more concerned with the present moment then they are about the future and what will last.

    The second means that things like the Internet, computers, cell phones and the like are overtaking human to human interaction.

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