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    Seeking help: English dialogue

    Dear Teachers

    I tried to transcribe a 30 sec English dialogue into the subtitles of the clip, but I am not sure if they are correct as my listening is very poor. Could you please spend a minute to see if further edits should be made to perfect the subtitles.

    Below is the clip:

    1) and there're various delay recovery measures were in place
    2) to be able to achieve that on the day of the 21st... I..
    3) I'm sorry Mr. President but I'm going to have to interrupt here ... you are the CEO
    4) of a public company the biggest donor of and the government of Hong Kong
    5) so you're getting taxpayers money into your pocket
    6) every month
    7) and you're now saying in front of this house that you don't know what's happening with its operation
    8) what have you been doing in your office every day Mr. Walder?


    Holden the learner
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    Re: Seeking help: English dialogue

    I don't see any subtitles, at least English subtitles.

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