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Topic: Discuss: Whether students should study a wide range of subjects or focus on what they best at.

Whether students should be taught a variety of subjects or only the majors that they choose , regardless of what age they are, are still under hot debate.

People who believe students should learn a large combination of courses may concern that such courses contribute to their basic survival skills and knowledge. The skills, for example how to escape form a dangerous situation or protect themselves in any hazardous areas, are quite significant in their growing up. The knowledge, such as basic science, give students a rather foundermental understanding of every aspects of their life. Therefore, it is reasonable for children to know all these knowledge.

Advocates of the other opinion argue that students should spend their limited time on the subjects that they are passionated about. In this case, students can really build their competitive advantage on such subject, which gives them more opportunities in the employment than those whose are normal in these fields. Instead, if students try to learn every courses well in the limited time, it may cost them too much energy ,
thus leading to negative results, such as absence classes.

All in all, I agree that students need to have basic understanding of every subjects to a certain level primarily because these are essential to their independence in society. Then further education should be available for those who has the intelligence, time and desire to learn more.