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    I am going to make an identity card.

    I am going to make an identity card.
    I am going to register an identity card.

    Can we say make an identity card?

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    Re: I am going to make an identity card.

    It depends on the system in place and what kind of identity card it is, but I would expect "I'm going to apply for an identity card". You might "register for an ID card" - ie you put your name on a list of people who would like an ID card. After you receive your ID card, it's possible you would have to "register" it, perhaps by calling a number or visiting a website and registering/activating it to show that you received and you are the correct holder of the ID card. Don't say "make an ID card". That means you are going to construct/build/make it yourself, presumably using card and a photograph. That would be a forged/counterfeit ID card.
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