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    Meaning of (wrong) present simple tense eg. "You wear nice clothes".

    Hi together,

    I'm learning english and I have one question about present simple tense. E.g. a girl is sitting next to me and I would say her that she is wearing nice clothes at the moment then I would say:

    "You're wearing nice clothes."

    If I want to tell a friend about a girl which usually wears nice clothes I would say to him:

    "She usually wears nice clothes."

    But what does it mean if I say to the girl sitting next to me:

    "You wear nice clothes."

    Does this implicitly mean "You usually wear nice clothes" or is it just nonsense to say something like that?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Meaning of (wrong) present simple tense eg. "You wear nice clothes".

    Welcome to the forum.

    "You wear nice clothes" would mean that it was something she does habitually.

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    Re: Meaning of (wrong) present simple tense eg. "You wear nice clothes".

    You'd also want to say it on a day when she was wearing nice clothes, otherwise it could seem sarcastic. Though naturally, 'habitually' could mean 'always', in which case it would always be safe to say.

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