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Thread: Morphology

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    So I have a question, I am very unsure how to find the morphosyntactic feature of a word. I have some examples to look at before the upcoming exam.

    The sentence is; Germany’s invasion of Belgium shocked everyone.

    And of that sentence I am supposed to look at the word, shocked, and pick one out of 6 options to describe it.

    1) Past, 1st person, plural
    2) Past 1st person, singular
    3) Past 3rd person, singular
    4) –en participle

    5) Infinitive
    6) Present, 3rd person singular

    Now this is just an example, what I would really like to know is how would I go about finding the morphosyntactic feature of a word, what should I be looking at to determine if a word is this or that? I would assume that is this case the answer would be past 3rd person, singular. As Belgium becomes it, would that be correct? However I could use the word shocked with just about every combination. So what should I be looking at in a sentence that determines if a word this or that

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    Re: Morphology

    I suggest that you didn't assume that 3) was the right answer. You worked it out. That is what you do in exams. Yes, you have to apply the question to the word as it appears in the sentence. That's why the example sentence is there.
    'Belgium' isn't the subject of the sentence. Was it really Belgium that shocked everyone?
    I'm interested in how you'd use 'shocked' as 4), 5), and 6).

    PS: You don't need to write in bold, or to use so much white space. Your question would be easier to read if it didn't involve scrolling up and down. Thanks.

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