Topic: what are some of the qualities of a good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

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Having a good parent means a flying start to a child. Many people engaged themselves in confusion and anxiety the moment they become a parent, for in their perspective, the model of a good parent is beyond approach. However, in my opinion, a so-called good parent should simply acquire attentiveness and mutual understanding with their child.

To begin with, great parents are the ones who played an active role in tending to their children. It is parent who has to figure out what his/her son is struggling therefore relate to him by accomodating those needs. For example, they willingly spend a myriad of their working time on the child's homework. Rarely do people realize the use of helping children with small problems, either in study, or in friendships, in physical and mental development by giving them advice and courage, can establish a close relationship between them and the children. By that, the parents have proven their capability of nurturing the family ties as well as their reliability for the children to back up on when needed.

Some people who are very careful and thorogh, still, fail to lessen heated row with their children, which means seeing eye to eye with the youngster is of great importance. Derived from their overly attentiveness, the fear of the child getting hurt or severe problem naturally forces the father/mother to prevent the children from doing anything. Not to mention their imposal of careers on the child due to the fact that they might still be stuck in their century. For instance, parents usually frown on their children taking on the job of playing musical instruments as it can not earn a good living. Only when parents allow themselves to catch up with the world in which their children are growing in, to understand what they pursue by heart and sould are they able to unwrap the cotton wool around their babies. That is the key factor for reciprocal support to be formed.

In conclusion, a good parent should acquisite the skills of listening and taking care of their children in order to fully understand his/her demand. Once the children's problems are to be known, and thus to be solved, the parents, out a a sudden, are regarded as a role model to follow.