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    Asking for grammatical correction

    Dear All
    I appreciate hepling me to know if these sentences are grammatically correct or not???

    These findings may be attributed to the different mechanism of action of both drugs that achieved the same or even higher levels of efficacy by using smaller doses of either agent, which might also result in fewer or milder side effects.

    Further studies on the genotoxic and mutagenic effects of PZQ on various organ systems and its safety profile are recommended, with limitation of its wide use, especially in non-diagnostic individuals because of its mutagenic effect when administrated in its curative dose to uninfected individuals as it may increase risk of cancer in future.

    Finally, we proposed from our study that BDHQ may be used as a safe and promising antiparasitic drug, free from genotoxic effects on the non-infected individuals. It can be administrated either instead of or combined with PZQ in mass treatment for non-infected and non-diagnosed people in some endemic areas as protection until safety of PZQ is proved.

    Best regards.

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    Re: Asking for grammatical correction

    Everything seems great to me!

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