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    using "Having"

    Dear Sir,
    What's the meaning of "having" ?
    When do i use this word ?
    Pls help me .

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: using "Having"

    (having) may have lots of meanings. it may mean (owning), if used as a verb. it may mean (eating) if there is a polite use of this verb.

    you'd better send the whole sentence to the site to get the meaning of this verb.


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    Re: using "Having"

    Quote Originally Posted by sumansen
    Dear Sir,
    What's the meaning of "having" ?
    When do i use this word ?
    Pls help me .
    I am shah.
    Have - verb
    Present tense - Have
    Past tense - Had
    Past participle - Had
    Meaning: Have - being some thing us.
    That is used for Continuous tense.
    Ex. I am having -Present Tense
    I was having - Past Tense
    I willbe having - Future Tense
    Kindly reply if it is understood


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    Re: using "Having"

    Dear SIr,
    I'm still confused abt the word "having",i need some more example .


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    Re: using "Having"

    "Having" basically means "being in possession of something"

    e.g. I am having breakfast = I have food and I am eating it
    I will be having breakfast when you call = I will be in possession of food

    "Having" usually substitutes another verb but it implies possession of something.

    another example: I am having a great time = I feel happy because of what is happening (in possession of a feeling of happiness)

    I know it may sound pretty vague, but hey, that's English!

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