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    Talking Please check my essay

    the following essay is my assignment, which is to be not less than 120 words.Could you please have it checked. Thank you.

    New Year’s celebration
    Nowadays, young people in china are more likely to enjoy celebrating some western festivals, such as Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day. Compared with these western celebrations, Chinese traditional festival are not so popular with the youth. As a Chinese, I prefer traditional celebration, among which new year’s celebration , that is , Spring Festival is my favorite.
    In the old days, during spring festival, relatives and friends will get together and have meal around the tables sharing the pervious year’s experience or something funny. In addition, children can receive red packets from adults. Red packet is a small bag with money in it. No matter how much it is, we’re all glad to get these red packets. Anyway , I had a wonderful time in new year’s celebration.
    These days, many things have changed. A lot of traditional festivals are not the same as what they used to be. But in my opinion the core of these festivals remain the same. We still stay indoors for family reunion dinners, exchange red packets and have a good time in Spring Festival

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    Re: Please check my essay

    it's right Raiph....

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    Re: Please check my essay

    ...previous year...

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    Re: Please check my essay

    I prefer traditional celebration- plural
    ,that is the Spring Festival,

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