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    Smile you can't really unless you know

    Hello. Would you tell me what the underlined part means in this context below?
    I can hardly understand the last Bramble's words.
    Does it mean, "You can't really know which ones go where, so you'd better sit down later (after others sit first). These seats are a bit unpredictable even when your condition is good."?
    Please help! Thank you.

    : These sentences are from a children's novel. (It is a magical fantasy for children like Harry Potter.)
    In this scene, Archie and Bramble are in the museum of magical miscellany. T
    o enter the museum, they need to drink motion potion and sit on certain seats.
    The room was busy but Archie spotted two empty seats at a table. He sat down.
    "I wouldn' sit there if I were you,' cautioned Bramble. "I mean, unless you want to go to the lost books section. These are the seats of learning.
    Different seats take you to different part of the museum."
    "Oh," said Archie. "How can you tell which ones go where?"
    "Well, you can't really unless you know, so it's best not to sit down at first. The seats of learning are a bit unpredictable at the best of times."

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    Re: you can't really unless you know



    We can paraphrase the line as follows:
    You can't really tell which ones go where unless you know. Therefore, essentially, it's best not to sit down. Even in the best possible situation, the seats of learning are a bit unpredictable.


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