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    Email to Friend


    The following is an email I wrote to an American friend of mine. I have sent it out. Could you please proofread it?

    If it is too long, could you please correct a few words or sentences for me, so I can improve my English bit by bit. Thank you very much!

    Dear XXX,

    How are you doing recently?

    I decide to switch my old email box to this one from now on, but I will check the old one now and then for a while.

    I have been sufffering tympanitis since last Saturday. Please don't worry. I am getting much better, especially tonight. I feel like it is almost normal. YAY! Call me copy cat as I coped it from you. lol

    Last Saturday, I woke up at 5 a.m., and all of a sudden my left ear seemed to be blocked by something. My hearing drops. I intended to go to hospital at once but later it was a bit better. And during the afternoon, it got worse. I was scared. I went to local hospital, but there were no experienced doctors who were availbe due to weekend. An intern subscribed me some medication, and she said she couldn't examine me until next Monday.

    I was thinking what caused my ear uncomfortable. And later I figured it out. I started to eat a lot of food i.e. mung beans, etc. According to traditional Chinese medication (TCM), it should be good for my ear. I really like TCM. If there's an afterlife, I wish I would study TCM.

    I keep doing some workout every day, even I don't feel comfortable these days. Every evening I do bear crawls on a lawn in a public garden. There are many people who are dancing, jogging, or simply sitting there to enjoy the fresh air. At the very beginning, I admitted I forced myself to go, but now I grew into it. It is really feeling good to be on the track.

    Bob told me he would like to reduce some weight via doing some sports, and eating good food. He told me he ate cake, ice cream, dounut... every day, but later he said he was teasing me. I was kinda of dumbfounded when I read his words, but I was relieved. This Monday, he sent his diet report to me as I demanded to be his trainer. :) Well, just kidding! But I think it would be good if someone can encourage...

    The attached is a picture of a cat. I love it at once when I saw the picture. I made it my desk of laptop. I hope you will enjoy it too.
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