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12 Months
12 months on the road. Hundreds of miles and thousands of photographs
With kind support of Chevrolet, we have an opportunity to visit some most interesting parts of Russia. Each trip we take some photographs of Chevrolet cars as gratitude for their help.

Power of machinery. Power of human intelligence
We are frequently involved in photographing of some major steel producers. We aim to reflect not only the large-scale production and power of the machinery, but above all show human involvement in the complex process of metals extraction and processing.

Machinery and mechanisms
Shumerlya heavy industry machine company
Commercial photography for one a largest engineering companies in Russia.

Armored glass production
The latest production technology
Commercial photography for the company engaged in the production of car armored glass. We aimed to display the technology of production and latest manufacturing equipment.

Dmitry Chistoprudov and Nikolay Rykov live and work in Moscow, Russia. They are engaged in industrial, architectural and reportage photography. Among their main clients are Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, GM, Volvo, Bridgestone, Cordiant, Fridays, Paulaner, Kaspersky Lab, Evraz and many other companies.
Dmitry graduated from Moscow State Technical Institute with a degree in Car design, but did not work as designer at all. He specializes in industrial, architectural and reportage photography. He won several photo contests in Russia and participated in several exhibitions in Moscow.
Nikolay works as professional photographer for about 5 years. He graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI) and worked as architect for a while before he decided to pursue a career in photography.