Here is my writing. It is not an essay, it is not a CV also. just my thinking. My EL is not good so I ask you to check my writing. Thanks
much whatever your comment is.

May 28,2014
Today is a good day to me and it was also a bad day, too.
Not really today, itís been a series of happy days for me. Many women think 30ys old is the other side of their lives, and they some time say it with sorrow, in bad mood. They start worrying about old, ugly. Woman with 1 or 2 kids feel tired of looking after their chidren, their family. They are not old but are not as young as girls at 20. Some cannot finish their works. Some donít want to study at any subject even their jobs need. But to me, it seems good. I am 31 now and I feel Iím living, not surviving. I have a happy family, with a good husband, with a pretty girl. My officiers love me (I think so). I usually do good at work. I can buy some beautiful dresses. I can do what I like. And I can decide what I want to do. These are my best days Iíve ever had
All that did not came to me by accident. I took for granted that I was a unsuccess person. I even did not what I wanted for a long time. I sometime asked myself what did I really want? This question came to my dreams. I woke up in the morning and feel sorry that I had slept, I was wasting my time. This feeling lasted so long.
One of my colleagues suggested me a cup of coffee. I was quite sound mind. I worked better. I found that I was not good at some working skills but the good news was I could fix them myself. I asked myself once again what were things that I was good at and what were not? And what did I love.
The answer then was english. Yeah. I love english. I loved to talk to a foreigner that I had never met. I loved that I could understand what the reporter on CNN was talking about. I loved english songs. I loved to remember english songís lyrics. Everything that connected to english could make me excited.
I decided to learn english after that. I read, I found the best way to learn english on internet. I watched english clips on youtube and then found a clip of Steve jobs that worthy. Steve had a speech at Standford University. Every word he said was not hard to understand to me. What he had said is what I need. I did not want to waste my time any longer. I started living once again. Thanks Steve. I love him.

So what make today to be a bad day while I am so excited? Today my daughterís kindergarten year Ė end summation. At the party, one represented for all parents said thanks to the teachers and she said that we sent teacher present and gave her an envolope with money inside. In our country, envolope which contains money appear everywhere and at anytime. When you want to thank somebody helping you, when you attend a wedding, when your children want to enter to a good school, when you want doctor take care of you between many patientsÖbut my daughter and her friends are only 5 years old. I did hope that she donít need to use envolope like us, I did hope that she would be honest in a better world. I did hope that she could be a good student without money inside any envolope. And today I saw she and friends clapping hands happily when their teacher got the money envolope from her friendís mother. So sad did I feel from that moment..