Hi! I'm an intermediate English student. I started hearing to podcasts everyday, during almost one hour, to improve my listening skills, but I think it's not enough to learn English.
Less than one year studying the language, I learned almost all the grammar, I know all the tenses, I have a perfect conjugation.

Recently, I've been looking for something in the English grammar to learn, but I saw that I've learned almost all the grammar, so I got confused.

I don't know what I can include in my English studies, but I think I'll not get better if I only practice listening.

I tried to see TV shows and movies on internet, with audio and subtitles in English, but there are no sites that offer these resources.
I confess that I found some sites that had TV series, but I could watch just one hour a day, and the videos were too slow.

I'm very motivated to keep studying English, until I become fluent, but I would like you to say me things I can do to study English better.