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  1. Mesud

    How do you do ???????????

    hello teachers

    I heared many people say that the statment " How do you do " is followed by the question mark

    I justwant to ask you
    Is it correct to put the question mark after such sentence , I mean
    which is correct
    1- How do you do ?
    2- How do you do .
    and why

    thanks in advance

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    Re: How do you do ???????????

    Yes, it's a formal greeting, not often used amongst us common folk but more a reserve of the upper classes - it means "how are you?" or "how are you doing?" and is a question, obviously ..

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    Re: How do you do ???????????

    how do you do means:
    nice to meet you..
    because when sby says 'how do you do' to you, you say 'how do you do' in response..
    so, it means nice/pleased to meet you

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    Re: How do you do ???????????

    Quote Originally Posted by doodles
    Yes, it's a formal greeting, not often used amongst us common folk but more a reserve of the upper classes
    It's less of a class issue and more of an issue of register. It is a formal greeting, and used by anyone on any formal occasion when you meet someone for the first time -- it's the usual formula among business people, for example. If you go for a formal job interview, you might use the "how do you do" formula even if you are one of the "common folk", as you put it. These days, even the most upper of the upper classes would not use this formula in informal situations.

    The second time you meet a person, you normally don't use the "how do you do" formula, no matter how formal the occasion. You would probably say "Good morning" or "good afternoon" on very formal occasions, and then ask "How are you?" and receive the standard reply "Fine, thanks."

  5. matilda

    Talking Re: How do you do ???????????

    HOW DO YOU DO is a question, and means how are you? how is every thing with you? do you enjoy the time? ...

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    Re: How do you do ???????????

    but when sby says how do you to you, you say how do you do in response..

    if it means how are you, how one can say how are you again..

    also, I have read a passage about how do you do, and it says how do you do means- nice/glad/happy to meet you..

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    Re: How do you do ???????????

    Wecome, Mesud.

    "How do you do?." When meeting someone formally for the first time, shake hands and say, "How do you do?" It means, Hello.

    Please note that, the question mark (?) is a grammatical marker: "How" is a WH-word. Also note, if a clause begins with a WH-word, the intonantion falls - it doesn't rise, which may be the reason some people feel the question mark isn't necessary.

    Sam: How do you do? (Meaning, Hello)
    Pat: How do you do? (Meaning, Hello)

    Hope that helps.


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