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    Question burns (Formaaaaaal)

    plz i need this essay to be in a very formal english,
    plz check it for me
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    A burn is an injury that damages and destroys skin layers. Burns are due to thermal, chemical, or electrical factors. Burns are classified into three categories according to the depth of the burn and the extent of the burned area. These categories are first-degree burns, second-degree burns and third-degree burns. This essay will define and discuss the causes and symptoms of these three types of burns.

    First-degree burns affect only the outer skin layer. The area appears dry, red, and mildly swollen. A first-degree burn is painful and sensitive to touch. Mild sunburn and brief contact with a heat source such as a hot iron are examples of first-degree burns. First-degree burns should improve within one or two days. They should heal in about a week if there are no complications.

    Second-degree burns affect the skin's lower layers as well as the outer skin layer. They are painful, swollen, and show redness and blisters. The skin also develops a moist surface. Examples of second-degree burns are severe sunburn, burns caused by hot liquids and a flash from gasoline. First-aid procedures can be used to treat many second-degree burns depending on their location and how much area is affected.

    Third-degree burns affect the outer and deeper skin layers as well as the underlying tissues and organs. They appear black and white and charred. The skin is swollen and underlying tissue is often exposed. The pain felt with third-degree burns may be less than with first-degree or second-degree burns. There can also be no pain at all when nerve endings are destroyed. However, pain may be felt around the margins of the affected area. Third-degree burns usually result from electric shocks, burning clothes, severe gasoline fires and the like. They always require emergency treatment. They may result in hospitalization and sometimes require skin grafts.

    Babies and young children may be more susceptible to develop burn injuries than adults. Therefore, parents should use covers on electrical outlets to prevent electrical burns and keep electrical cords out of reach. In addition, they should not leave matches, lighters or other flammable materials where their children can find them. Parents also have to avoid using portable heaters around their children, or leaving them alone in the bathroom or kitchen. In conclusion, while most burns can be prevented (it is ideal to prevent burn injuries from ever happening), unexpected circumstances will always exist.

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    i WISH i could help..but i need help with my hw too...and i dont have the time to just sit here and edit your paper


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    Re: burns (Formaaaaaal)

    It's basically fine.

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