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The Useless Web, Best Of

Well, I guess most of you already know the famous "Take me to another useless website" by Tim Holman, a really funny website that gives you random access to the most useless side of the w.w.w.

Today I've thought: "Wow, it has a really vast choice of different webpages, with its number growing on a daily basis. Some are actually garbage, but many others are really worth seeing, so what if I take notes of the ones I like the most and fill in a top 15 chart? I'm sure people would appreciate it!".

Let's start then!!

Pointer Pointer by @StudioMoniker

This is definitively the best one. So cool!! Just place your pointer anywhere inside the webpage and wait; it will load a casual photo of a person pointing his/her index exactly at that spot. That has to be black magic!!


Eelslap by Per Stenius

“Ever wanted to slap someone in the face with an eel? Well, today is your lucky day.”
That's right, at http://eelslap.com/ you have to smash a big slimy eel against a poor guy's face, by swinging you cursor right and left, right and left. Not for pacifists nor animal-rights activists, of course.


I Love You Like a Fat Lady Loves Apples by Random Studio

Creepy, actually also quite disgusting. Interaction is pretty easy, you just have to make the fat lady eat the apples she is given, and of course she can never get enough.



It must have been ages since you last cleaned that dusty screen!! Mind if I give you a “hand”? Incredibly cute, pay attention not to spend an hour just sitting down and watching him at work.


Staggering Beauty

You think it's innocuous, but its flashes will drill your brain, so be careful when releasing the “staggering beauty”, shaking that kind of black worm. While the people and the purpose behind this work remain unknown, the overall is quite psychedelic.


Koalas To The Max by Vadim Ogievetsky

Amazing! You can create cool textures by rubbing your pointer on the circles, which meanwhile are going to split themselves in half, and in half, and in half...
Why was the website named like this? Keep on rubbing till the end and you'll find the answer.
In addition to this, you can customize it using an image of yours. Just add its URL (including http://) after the URL http://koalastothemax.com/?, and voilà! You'll get something like this!
Extra white space in the picture will also be automatically cropped!!


Cat Bounce

Sir, it's raining cats!

"It's Cat Bounce, What more do you need to know? .. 1. Click 2. Drag 3. Bounce [ more force = more bounce ]."

It goes even mobile!!


Can't get enough? Here we go:
The Last Page of the Internet

You surely have an Internet addict friend, haven't you? This webpage, which "has been around since the late 90s, hosted on various personal / business / academic websites", will surely make his blood run cold.
Patience is a Virtue

I won't spoil this, but I'm sure you can't wait to watch it with your own eyes ;)
ooooiiii & iiiiiiii & lalalaa & dabadabadab

Featuring lyrics!!!

Yeah, do whatever you want but it won't stop falling, never ever, and the sound will continue in decreasing frequence without reaching an end.
In the end

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