I've to write an essay on "why you are suitable for this role"? I'm about to apply in a customer service job of British Council. Kindly review the following statements and correct any grammatical mistake or see if there is any enrichment needed and whether the meaning is up to the mark. Plz note that I'm only adding those sentences here in which I've some confusion. Thanks. :)

Here it goes:

British Council will facilitate me in climbing the corporate ladder by providing me a strong platform to utilize my skills.

My university lectureship expertise has taught me how to speak in an eloquent manner using positive language and how to interact with people patiently and amicably. I also possess the analytical abilities and critical reasoning that will allow me to understand a situation, then act accordingly and thereby contribute significantly to the growth of British Council.

I am honest and fair, because I know that this is the only way to receive justice and integrity from other people.

During my undergraduate level, I efficiently performed at Telenor as well as earned a 3.70 CGPA, which implies that I am persistent to achieve my desired objective and hence have the capability to fulfill my ambition consequently.

I have what it takes to make a difference through my fervent keenness to offer quality service.

I believe I can bring something that will make me unique as well as let me play a vital role to the profitability of my company.