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    My dream house test

    This is my dream house someone could look at my work in grammar, spelling and structure. A thank you in advance for your help.

    My dream house floating in outer space. It would be three floors. It would be on the first floor of the basketball court and the football field and the swimming pool could go through the hangar here. on the second floor three bedroom two bathroom would be the teleport room with a kitchen and a dining room and a living room with a wardrobe.
    On the third floor there would be a lot of room but a glass-roofed bedroom. Along with a huge telescope which would be to look at the sky. I have a hangar in which some spaceship parked next to it and a glass bridge running from the house. This house would be convenient for me because I would not have to worry about a lot of smoke and other pollutants is due to touching the ground. Due to teleport away from it all, nothing to get there. It would not be a problem because there would be nowhere to go in my house which takes you to a teleport. I do not think a good town to live in the village but even worse. I think only in space would be nice to live in these conditions.

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    Re: My dream house test

    Welcome to the forums, sprite123. What is this for?

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