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    Could you please correct my Letter of motivation?

    [Personal information removed by moderator]
    Class : 5B

    2th June, 2014

    Language trip to the Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in Chicago

    Dear .................,

    having the occasion to study in a school in another country, I have chosen the Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in Chicago. In this letter, I would like to explain you my motives.
    First of all, I am very excited by this opportunity that our school provides to study in this Academy, and I am keenly interested in acquiring more theoretical and practical knowledge in the English language. I believe this is a great way to fulfill my purpose.
    Second, I would like to use this trip not only to learn English better, but also to discover and learn more about the American culture, about its history and people, of which I have only heard and read.
    And this leads me to the third point. In our school, we are thought that one of the most important thing is “personal growth”. Since I came in this school, I think I have experienced this and I have developed my personality in a very good way.
    I am communicative, sociable, I can make friends very easy and I am open to learn new things.
    In the end, I would like to assure you, that if I get this chance, you won’t be sorry, and you can trust me that I will represent our school as well as possible.
    I am looking forward to the interview in September!
    Yours sincerely,

    [Personal information removed by moderator]
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