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    Teaching Irregular Verbs

    Hi, folks.

    I am about to teach the irregular verbs to my 3rd graders. The dilemma I am facing is whether or not I should teach both the past simple form and the past participle form of the verb or stick solely to the past form. We are starting with the Past Simple Tense next week and that is the reason for my question. Since they are 10 years old do they really need to remember the past participle at that stage? I remember when I was a student our English teacher used to teach both forms. My students won't need the past participle (eg. for Perfect Tenses or for Passive voice) anytime in the near future. What is your advice?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Teaching Irregular Verbs

    If you're teaching the past simple, it may make sense to stick to that rather than introducing a form that you're not going to be working on for a while.

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