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    conceive + simplified


    could you please help me again. I have two questions:

    1) Two moderators outlined the new technologies in the form of a simplified presentation. Is it possible to use the word "simplified", if it is supposed to mean not so formal, maybe presented in a funny way and in a relaxed atmosphere? Or is there any better expression?

    2) Individual working presentations were conceived as a shooting practice. Is it possible to use the word "conceived", if it is supposed to express the theme of the whole event? It was a working meeting inspired by shooting probably in order to make it more interesting and less boring. Besides the working part, the participants could try various forms of shooting.

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: conceive + simplified

    1- I wouldn't understand it that way. How about 'light-hearted'?
    2- Uncl;ear to me- they had presentations, and shooting added on to make it more fun? In that case , I'd say that the shooting practice was alongside the presentaions.

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