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  1. Ana Laura



    I know the meaning of sheer: something pure, etc. but when I see the word in a text I don't understand the meaning. I am trying to understand the meaning of the word in this context:
    it is from a story.
    " she gave the right answer. Father was delighted. How he would jump about in SHEER delight when ....
    the meaning is pure?
    Could you explain that to me? I speak spanish and sometimes it is difficult to understand the whole meaning.

    Thank you for helping!



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    Re: Sheer..

    Hi Ana,

    According to me, the meaning of sheer isn't pure, and especially not in this context.

    When you look at your example sentence "sheer" is a verb -> to sheer and it means that you "shout, scream or jell" a jell or scream of victory or of delightment. The father is very happy with her right answer and shows this by a "sheer of delightment"

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Sheer..


    Don't get me wrong, sheer can mean pure as well.

    The only example I can come up with right now is quite often used by the hosts on the British tv program called Top Gear.
    They say "the sheer power of a V8-engine"

    Kind Regards

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    Re: Sheer..

    defn of sheer in the Cambridge dictionary:EXTREME(always before noun)used to emphasize how strong a feeling or quality is.a look of sheer delight/joy;sheer determination/hard work

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