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    Effects of Earthquake

    People who lived in Middle-Age was afraid of earthquake because they did not know both what earthquake is,and how earthquake occurs.Although people living in 21. century know answers of these quentions,they are also afraid of earthquake as there are a lot of effects of earthquake but two stand out; healht,and economy.
    The first,and maybe the most important effect of earthquake is health.It refers to not only physologic but also psychologic.First of all earthquakes lead to fire and demolish constructions.People being under constructions mat either die or bruise,and people who try to run can die because of fire.Another important point is psychologic.People who have witnessed eartquake at least once in their life do not forget their bad memories;thus,their psychological health aggravate day by day.
    The second effect of earthquake is economy.Firstly,a lot of workplaces demolish because of earthquake,so people working these workplaces do not work their workplaces.They do not earn money nor do get a job.Secondly, governments have to assist their citizens;hence,governments spend money for mending and building new constructions.Indeed, governments give money their citizens because citizens need money for living.
    To sum up,the two basic effects of earthquake are health and economy.We should have our houses controled.Unless they are strong for earthquake,we must abandon;otherwise, we may die.If we take precaution,we have never witnessed these effects.
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    Re: Effects of Earthquake

    What is the purpose of this piece of writing? When must you submit it to your English teacher?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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