Hi, everyone it's my first essay/postin this forum. I'm learning English on one's own, so purpose of this text isn't for collage or publication , just to practise English.When I was writing it I didn't use dictionaries, so vocabulary could be rather easy. I'm curious about mistakes made in this text. Please help me improve my English :)

I have read an large amount of articles about how colours are important in our lives, how it influence on our behaviour or mood. It gave me a lot of conclusions and points tothink.

Psychology link each colour witch particular mean. Usually most of us has favourite colour and our life choices depend often of it. For example when we are doing shopping we choose from pile of clothes particular ones. Of course pattern on those clothes has also matter, but we have a group of colours liked and disliked.
You also have to know, how to decorate your house to feel comfortable, or office to gain trust of clients. Blue and green colours makes calm atmosphere, so these are perfect colours for living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms where were resting.
Dark, shocking, lurid and red colours are ideal to clubs and pubs. Red colour make us angry but it also gave a lot of energy.
In this days in universities and other schools we can find plenty of courses about colours. It's very popular and significant topic, because many companies hire specialists in this subject, because even they believe that well choose colours makes production and sales more efficient.

A few years ago I was working in a call-centre. It was only part time job, but I gain a lot of life experience . All co-workers worked in a big office, decorated mostly in white and blue colours, but there was one section dyed on red (redcarpet, walls and even pot flowers). In conclusion they reached the highest score because their sales strategy and methods was very aggressive.

Colours are a part of us and it always will influence in our life, so we should take care about what colours are in our life.

Thanks for reading