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    Question Please Help me to Improve my Writing :((

    Hello all,

    I'm new to this forum and I desperately need a help in my writing skills. If anybody can give me some advices or tips. I'm very bad in written. I write like a child though I really have good amount of vocabulary but I always forget to use it.
    I normally can't write because my mind always empty and I donít know what to write about.

    Could you read my writing and advise me where my weakness are, please? Or advise me how to improve my writing, please.

    I heard the alarm, I opened one eye and then I realized that my phone alarm is not next to me. I put it on my dressing table last night, since I know myself that waking up on Thursday morning is the hardest thing I do. It was a very tiring night. My son woke up twice at night, and when I say at night I mean after 12 midnight. Obviously when any human being is sleeping very deep.

    I stretched my body and walked to the dressing table, I sneezed the alarm for another ten minutes, and I moved the phone next to my bed. So, next time it will be easier to me. Ten minutes later I heard the alarm again, and subconsciously with my eyes closed I pressed on one of the phone button to sneeze the alarm again, but I was wrong.

    I opened my eyes at eight a clock in the morning, and I freeze. I realized that I didnít press the right button and Iím supposed to be on my work desk by now. I jumped of the bed and hurried up. I learnt a lesson, not to trust myself when my eyes closed.

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    Re: Please Help me to Improve my Writing :((

    Writing is one of the hardest skills to master in another language. So don't get too concerned yet!

    You can help yourself by using a step by step approach.
    1. Read and fully understand the question. Take your time. Don't start writing until you have done this
    2. Think and write down any useful vocab and structures. Anything that comes into your head.
    3. Choose the best ones and cross out the weak ones.
    4. Write the text, bearing in mind the person who will be reading it and use the correct style, vocab, tense etc. Link ideas together.
    5. Check carefully for mistakes you always know that you make - this depends on each person. Get to know your own weaknesses (e.g. tenses, prepositions, articles etc.)

    Above all - and this is the most vital - READ as much authentic material as possible. Those students who read the most et the best marks as they learn to recognise and use more structures, vocab etc, and see how natives use them.

    Now go through your work above. I can see several tense mistakes, for example. Check also the meaning of 'sneeze' in a dictionary. The last paragraph needs a few more adverbs and some of those 'I's eliminating through better use of linking devices at sentence level.
    Hope that helps.

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